• Hand Balancing Beauty

    A beautiful girl, balancing on a raised platform, presents the flexibility of her body in demanding poses in a handstand.

  • Argolla Cyr Wheel

    While masterfully controlling his balance, an acrobat rotates on the floor in a Cyr Wheel ring that becomes an extension if his body.

  • Argolla Fire, Pyro and Sparks

    Fireashow and Pyroshow - firedancers create impressive pictures, the scene is full of flames and sparkles surrounding performers, pyroshow as a perfect finale of whole event.

  • Aerial Straps and Aerial Ring

    Acrobats flies above the heads of viewers, showing amazing poses while hanging on aerial straps or an aerial ring.

  • You will be amazed. The performance you will see on the stage can be called neither a traditional circus nor a dancing show nor a juggling, nor a theater play nor a musical. Argolla the 5th Element takes a bit of everything.

    SME newspaper

  • Argolla Theatrical Elements

    Amazing acrobatic acts with contemporary dance, theatrical elements, singers, musical acts and visual effects.

  • Mystic Transparent Ball

    The dancer dances enclosed within a mystic transparent ball and with her silk wings she whirls colourfull feathers.

  • Blacklight Show

    Cosmic creatures with luminous tools show the dance in black light.

  • „The ensemble of Argolla represents the Slovak Republic the best way possible. Their performances, which are compared to the famous Cirque du Soleil, bring about spontaneous and rapturous responses.

    Mercedes Magazine, eStar.

  • Hand To Hand acrobats

    Argolla Hand To Hand acrobats create positions in which two bodies become one.

  • Behind The Curtains

    More than 160 artists participated in the Agolla shows.

  • Aerial Silk Show

    The performers swirl several meters above the ground and the aerial silk or aerial rope becomes the only securing point.

  • Cube Juggling Show

    Big juggling cubes spin above the heads of acrobats.

  • Apart from its national hockey team, Slovakia has many other ensembles that represent their country successfully. The dance-acrobatic ensemble of Argolla is definitely one of them.

    TV Markíza, News Headlines

  • Argolla For Kids

    Artisti z Argolly vymenili náročné akrobatické výstupy za veselé hry v bláznivých kostýmoch, aby vyčarili úsmev na tvárach tých najmenších.

  • Waterbowl Acrobatic Show

    The Waterbowl Show is an acrobatic dancing performance representing the water element combined with female beauty.

  • „A Circus doesn’t have to be only clowns and tigers. Aesthetics and gracefulness are those properties that are assured a place in contemporary circus. Matus Ritomsky and Silvia Polackova founded Argolla as the first modern circus in Slovakia.

    Hospodarske Noviny, TV online