About us – who we are


Argolla Productions offers dance and acrobatic shows for social events. We focus on unusual and unique artistic genres and acrobatics, circus arts, martial arts, fire dance as well as classical dance and theatrical elements.

We have created and performed various projects both in Slovakia and abroad. Argolla Productions cooperates with artists from many countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, England, Czech Republic, China and several others).

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We know how to adjust our performances to any non-standard conditions and needs of a specific event, theatrical production, company party, product launch, corporate show, fashion show or festival. All we need is your rough idea, a visit to the venue of the event or pictures of the venue and we are able to offer you several alternatives for a really impressive performance at your event.

We can also help with visual concept of an event – coordination of interior decorations, scene, costumes, music, acrobatic, artistic, theatrical and dance acts so that they create one harmonic whole.

The word “Argolla” comes from Spanish language. It means circle or ring. In our eyes, Argolla is a mystical country, where dreams come true and reality changes into a dream. Our aim is to create performances that will change people’s understanding of the limits between the possible and the impossible. Everything becomes possible, if we believe and never give up in our dreams. Everyday reality can turn into a fairytale, if we look at it the right way.

MUDr. Silvia Poláčková
Founder, director, general manager

Matúš Ritomský
Founder, creative producer.