Argolla 5th Element

We are presenting a new dimension of contemporary circus arts and performing arts in hour-and-half-long performances. The multimedial artistic creation is a story about the search for a pure essence that interconnects everything. It brings amusement, intensity, visual pleasure and live music.

Breathtaking acrobatic acts, dancing acts, unique scenes and original costumes combined into an outstanding multimedial performance. The first night was held at World Art Circus Festival in Gwangyang, South Korea. More than 60 000 people have seen the show during 2 weeks.

"...and that spark is in everyone."

The Story

Argolla Gate is a portal to a mysterious land of elements, full of mystic beings. The main character Kapillo, driven by the emptiness of his soul, ventures to cross its threshold. He is accompanied by an enchantress, who presents him with 4 basic elements in their beauty, fragility, strength and cruelty. By means of them, he tries to discover the mythical 5th element mentioned in ancient texts as a pure essence, which “Gods breathed”.

Theatrical Show

Dancers, Actors and Acrobats in Theatrical Circus Show Argolla

18 performers, 90 minutes

Team and performance

Argolla 5th Element team consists of 18 artists: acrobats, dancers, actors, and musician Maok. The audience has a chance to see amazing acrobatic acts (hand-to-hand acrobatics, aerial acrobatics on silk, aerial ring, flying acrobats on aerial straps, contortion, hand balancing, cyr wheel, cube juggling, fire and black light dancing), contemporary dance, musical acts, visual effects and multimedia elements.

Show and variability

The full version of the performance lasts 90 minutes. The ideal setting for show is a proscenium type of stage with a load-bearing construction for aerial acts. We are also able to carry out only fragments of the performance and adapt them to unusual conditions.

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