Argolla Spinning Coins – Czechia-Slovakia’s Got Talent 2015

Oct 12 2015
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Argollla Spinning Coins, consisting of our young artists Miška Patáková and Matúš Uherčík, auditioned for Czechia-Slovakia’s Got Talent 2015 with a romantic act on two Cyr Wheels.

Cyr Wheel Argolla female performer

Michaela Patakova with her Cyr Wheel performance


Cyr wheel is a name for acrobatic device and also acrobatic discipline that has recently become very popular around the world. The Cyr Wheel act has found its place in shows of the world’s foremost circuses. Argolla artists were the first to start practicing this discipline in Slovakia.

Cyr Wheel Argolla Artist

Matus Uhercik during Cyr Wheel rehearsal


The judges were smitten with Miska’s and Matus’ audition. They were one step away from getting to finals. Our artists got four yeses and made it through audition round.